Why does she      Why does he      It was her/his fault     don’t blame me

Can’t find the right person       Dating agencies       She/he dosn’t love me

After so many years         What now           How can I tell them    Found another

These and many more questions run through peoples minds on a daily basis.Anyone who has had a relationship or who is still looking for one can relate to at least one of these topics. So what can you do?

Well firstly you already know what you have to do in most cases,it always boils down to common sense and clear thinking. If it was happening to someone you know,what would you tell them to do? EXACTLY so why aren’t you doing it?

OK I know in your case it is not that simple,so what you need to do is seek more advice,digest it and then ACT.

Very shortly there will be a free download book covering some of these topics,so return to this page soon. But whilst you are waiting

1. Look at it from their point of view.

2.Stop muttering it is not fair and start seeking a solution

3. Give it another go.

If none of these three apply to your problem,write down three that do and then act on them.