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This help with coping web site is meant to assist you to find information about several issues that effect us all.Personal health is something that people feel uncomfortable talking about even with their Doctor. Unless it is something serious,many will try and find information first. The internet can provide a wealth of support,but it takes time to sit down and gather it all together. that is why I have started this site and  hope it will continue to expand it's range of subjects. take time to scan through Help with Coping.

By clicking on the content list at the side or the black bar at the top ,you will find a growing body of information. PLUS FREE DOWNLOADS.

What is Helpwithcoping.com?  Well it can cover many things from stress,being depressed,anxiety or individual concerns such as why I am going bald,erectile dysfunction, body odour or even why does my relationship seem on the rocks?  You may think this is too wide a spectrum,but what we offer is a first step for many.From here you can gain confidence to seek out in depth specialist advice. Even just having a stranger on the web tell you to search for something specific can set you on the right path. There are many sites dealing with or Stress and others looking at personal conditions such as or body odour,so start here by checking out these pages. The book on Psoriasis by Charles heath is available as a download on Kindle, click here

Products and a small number of special offers are all intended to be also of benefit to you. Please contact me if you have any articles you are willing to share for free with our readers. As long as it is relevant to personal health and coping issues,I would be interested to hear from you . See contact form on internal pages of this web site.

Some web sites are full of giant banner headlines and act now slogans,intent on taking your money. I try to keep this site as honest and simple as possible.All that I really ask is that if you download any of the free books from the FREE DOWNLOADS PAGE, you leave an e.mail address so that I can inform you at a later date of any new additions. Your details will not get passed on and I will not spam you with constant material.    many thanks   John moody   admin at Help with Coping.

If you suffer from Stress, ,have trouble coping or personal health issues such as weight loss or .Take a look at this help with coping website. As it builds there will be more and more information available.


This web site has sat quietly ticking over,with people finding it more by chance than anything. I have not tried to optimise it for Google s satisfaction to get ranked on page one. It is quite a responsibility to push out information on health related topics. The information given is meant to help people get started on finding a solution to their individual anxiety or problem and it should never take the place of informed advice from your Doctor or Specialist . But often people want to just talk to a friend or find out a little background information before seeking help. I hope this site will provide useful information and by not getting too big,stay focused on it's role.


Just a quick plug for one of my books, The Feelgood Factor just short stories with happy endings to make you feel better,available on Kindle ( Sorry can't click to look inside on this website.)












YOU ARE NOT ALONE      think






With nothing but bad news about the state of the world economy, so many people are struggling to survive with little or no income. Having just watched a documentary about my adopted country Spain , sliding into a bottomless pit of debt, it is hard to figure out if there is anything a person can do if they have searched high and low to find a job, even something menial and found nothing. The program showed a qualified Chemist who had to leave Spain and go to Northern Scotland to work in a bar, washing up. Another lady could only find two hours cleaning work a month, to support her family. These are not people starving in a third world country, but people like you and me and often very well educated. I live in a Cave house in rural Andalucía, fantastic views over Olive groves, sun and absolutely no chance of any jobs. Many days I see busloads of Peruvians turn up to work in the fields, they get paid an insulting pittance for eight hours of back bending work picking lettuce and tomatoes in the hot sun and are glad of the work. It makes me feel angry for their sake and embarrassed that I am not willing to work so hard to survive.

So what can we do? All I can suggest is what I have tried. If you are reading this then you must have at least access to a computer and therefore a bit of hope. The internet has opened up the world, it is no longer necessary to get on your bicycle and go looking, it can come to you. Some clever computer savvy people have made fortunes online, but this is not about that, this is about the average person in their home making a bit of money to help pay the bills.

Before I tell you what I do, here is a list of other ideas that may interest you. Don’t worry about being confused. During the next couple of months I am going to explain each in far more detail. The one thing you will need for all these things is a web site, but now it is very easy, there are many companies offering readymade ones for free.

Sell Amazon Products online. (You don’t buy anything, just refer possible purchasers and get a cut)

Sell on E bay

Advertise other people’s offers and get paid commission. (Click bank)

Use Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) to find work, sell your ideas. If you spend hours on sites like Facebook, there are companies who will pay you to manage their pages and update them regularly.

Promote your skill worldwide (Are you an artist, musician, writer) Let the world see what you can do. What about publishing your own novel, poetry, or technical book on Kindle. (It is free to do it)

Write for others. (This is what I do) It is repetitive and sometimes the subject matter is not inspiring, but if you treat it as a job, put in the hours, then it is possible to make a steady recurring income. And it is a darn site easier than picking lettuce for eight hours a day.

So how do you start doing these things?


It would be great to be able to write about the things you are interested in, but in reality that is hardly ever possible. I need to explain why others may need you to write about anything from wood doors to training your dog. The internet is one great linked fishnet, everything is connected and the more connections a company gets to its web site, blog or general advertising, then the more visible it becomes. The great goal is to end up on page one when someone types in relevant search words. Just imagine if you sold goldfish bowls and every time someone in the world typed in those two words, your web site appeared. To keep content fresh and updated with relevant linked keywords (i.e. goldfish bowls) writers are hired to constantly produce articles, mostly about 500 words. As it does not pay to hire on a full time basis this work is handed out to people to do from home on their own computers. Skills needed are a command of the required language, the ability to write on the subject from different aspects and to produce to a deadline.

The drawback is that payment is not great and can vary from a mere couple of dollars per article upwards. However those that get into the swing of it can accumulate a reasonable monthly pay-packet.


Start looking on line for keywords such as SEO Article writers, writers needed, freelance writing, article managers.

Look at websites such as Freelancer.com. You will have to join, but it is free (O.desk is another one and there are plenty more)

Join writing Forums (Facebook has some) Join Linked in; they also have job opportunities and suitable forum groups.

Contact websites that fill their pages with articles about products. Send them a sample. If you can find companies relevant to your knowledge and experience that would be even better.

Once you get started and prove yourself efficient, work will come in. Take a look at my website, that I use to promote my writing. It will be constantly updated with new information and may just hold an answer to your problems.


I also run a website that is geared towards helping people.


Good luck John Moody