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There are many reasons why Premature Ejeculation or other problems like an inability to achieve or sustain an erection,can effect your relationship. It may be because of external problems such as work or general relationship issues with your partner that compound the problem. It also may be down to pure lack of confidence in yourself or even to ill health.

can make a man suffer psychological problems such as, anxiety, and decrease in sense of worthiness. Emotionally and physically they will feel useless and become withdrawn. that negative thinking increases the chance of failure and eventually any willingness to try. The feeling of inferiority has a big effect on men because they still see themselves as the breadwinner and provider of protection for their family. When they cannot maintain an erection,part of the essence of maleness is suddenly missing. It is also very hard for many men to admit to a doctor that he has problems, but the way back to function, requires that the person accepts they have a problem,needs help and continues to have a positive approach and attitude to sorting it out.

The brain tells you when you are feeling sexy or unwell ,sad or happy and causes changes in your physical and mental state. Therefore it is obvious that if you are feeling unsure or lacking confidence and not coping, then the signals being sent are also going to have a physical effect on your body.

Who is likely to experience dysfunction and some causes.

Anyone who is depressed or has some form of anxiety or low self esteem.Someone who is finding it difficult to cope with what life throws at them.

Anyone who is seriously overweight

If you are taking certain types of medication

Various diseases

Accident or after surgery

Anyone taking prohibited drugs

Those that drink excessive alcohol

There is also links to riding bicycles ,motorbikes and heavy lower body strain.

Many lose hardness in later life,sometimes due to lack of continued interest or vitamin deficiency or natural aging.

Lack of communication with partner and family anxiety.

Exhaustion , stress at work or not able to be a breadwinner.


Physically, there are many health reasons that cause this dysfunction problem and these include:

  1. Kidney or Liver failure
  2. multiple sclerosis ,diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Prostrate
  3. Neurological problems
  4. Heart or stroke problems
  5. Tension or hormonal disorders
  6. Clogged blood vessels

Sleeping pills and anti depressants or medications for blood pressure can effect performance.

By Albert

Premature Ejaculation occurs when your body poeudcrs too much hormone too fast. Your body becomes  over stimulated . The head of the penis becomes so sensitive that you ejaculate almost immediately. There is absolutely no controlThis Extreme Sensitivity on the head of your penis causes the ejaculatory mechanism, inside your body, to go into  spasms . It’s these spasms that cause the overpowering Urge to Ejaculate. The head of your penis becomes so sensitive and the urge is so strong that you ejaculate immediately.If you slow down the production of excess hormone   you slow down the ejaculation.In fact, there’s NO product, exercise, or technique that can stop severe premature ejaculation when used alone. NONE! Severe premature ejaculation is an extremely complex condition the causes of premature ejaculation are both physical and psychological. To cure premature ejaculation requires a combination of products that simultaneously attack and eliminate each cause. Only Last-Longer has a combination of products strong enough to eliminate ALL aspects of both the physical and psychological causes of premature ejaculation.Quite often, when a man gains good ejaculatory control, he suddenly becomes much more interested in sex. And even if he doesn’t, it might be nicer for both of you if he lasted longer. To learn ejaculatory control:* Don’t use drugs or alcohol. They’re distracting and they interfere with the self-awareness crucial to learning ejaculatory control.* Appreciate whole-body sensuality. Men often think sex happens only in the penis and only during intercourse. That view is a one-way ticket to uncontrolled ejaculation (not to mention erection problems, and women with those proverbial headaches). The best sex involves head-to-toe arousal. Men learning how to approach   but not arrive at   their point of no return, need to appreciate whole-body sensuality, the pleasure potential in every square inch of the body. Whole-body sensuality releases tension. Tense bodies that have no other outlet often find release through involuntary ejaculation. But as you learn to appreciate sensual pleasure from head to toe, whole-body arousal takes the pressure off your penis, and you last longer.* Whole-body sensuality means relaxation, but the  relaxation  involved in great sex is not the kind that includes an easy chair, a six pack, and Monday Night Football. It’s the kind you feel after a hot bath or a good massage. In fact, bathing or showering together before lovemaking can help men relax and appreciate whole-body sensuality   and last longer.* Breathe deeply. One very easy way to stay relaxed while making love is to breathe deeply. The body has a natural tendency to breathe deeply during sex. But many men fight it. They think they should stay in control by not breathing deeply and making the little love-moan sounds that go along with it. But when men work to control their breathing, they often sacrifice ejaculatory control. Try breathing deeply. Let your breath go. Many men are amazed how much this one little change improves their ejaculatory control.* Start with masturbation with a dry hand. By varying how you caress your penis, you can learn to stay highly aroused for quite a while without coming. When you feel yourself approaching your point of no return, simply back off a bit, strokestroke yourself more gently or not at all, and stay aroused without ejaculating. Then as you feel yourself getting a little distance from your point of no return, return to more vigorous self-stimulation. Repeat this several times over several sessions. Approach your point of no return, then back off. For most men, it doesn’t take long to develop good ejaculatory control while alone.Then move on to masturbation with a lubricated hand. Use saliva, vegetable oil, or a commercial sexual lubricant. For most people, lubricants increase the sensual intensity of erotic fondling. Follow the same program: Masturbate until you approach your point of no return, then back off. Repeat this several times over several sessions.* Once you have good control during masturbation, and appreciate whole-body sensuality, and feel comfortable breathing deeply during lovemaking, then you’re ready for the couples program   if you’re in a couple. The couple approach is called the  Stop-Start Technique.  First, arrange  stop  and  start  signals with your lover, for example, a light pinch or tap, or a tug on an ear .Then, your lover strokes your penis by hand as you lie still. When you approach your point of no return, give the  stop  signal. Your lover immediately stops stroking you and simply holds your penis gently, as you continue to breathe deeply and pays close attention to the sensations you’re feeling. When you no longer feels close to ejaculation, gives the  start  signal, and your lover begins stroking you again. How many stops and starts should you do? A half-dozen over a 15-minute period works well for most couples. Do what feels comfortable for you. With stop-start, the focus is on the man. He’s the one learning the new skill. But don’t forget the woman’s sensual needs. As part of each practice session, she might guide your hand over her to show you what she likes. Once you’ve gained good ejaculatory control with your lover’s hand, try the same stop-start procedure with oral caresses. Again, you begin by lying still. Once you’ve gained good control orally, feel free to start moving. You’re making love again   but now you have ejaculatory control. Congratulations

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Symptoms of

Bowel cancer is often painless in the early stages, but there are symptoms, including:

  • blood in your faeces, which may be mixed into your faeces or appear as flecks on the surface, or you may see it in the toilet or on toilet paper – get into the habit of looking into the toilet before flushing
  • persistent changes in your bowel habit for several weeks – especially going to the toilet more often or having diarrhoea
  • weight loss without any obvious reason and/or loss of appetite
  • tiredness or breathlessness for no apparent reason – this may be caused by the small amount of blood loss from your bowel, resulting in anaemia (when there are too few red blood cells or not enough haemoglobin in your blood)
  • pain, or a lump or swelling in your abdomen (tummy)

These symptoms aren’t always due to bowel cancer. However the symptoms shouldn’t be ignored so if you have them, see your GP. If bowel cancer is caught early there is a better chance of curing it.




















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