Repeated from the front page ,because I think it is important.   Help with Coping

This web site has sat quietly ticking over,with people finding it more by chance than anything. I have not tried to optimise it for Google s satisfaction to get ranked on page one. It is quite a responsibility to push out information on health related topics. The information given is meant to help people get started on finding a solution to their individual anxiety or problem and it should never take the place of informed advice from your Doctor or Specialist . But often people want to just talk to a friend or find out a little background information before seeking help. I hope this site will provide useful information and by not getting too big,stay focused on it’s role.

What are we?

A bag of bones,filled up with liquid and given the ability to stagger on for a long time by using something called a brain,that is both a blessing and a curse.

Oh dear!  but it is more or less the truth. Our mind rules  everything we ever do,say or think. It can tease us with any one of a hundred or so states of mind within the short space of one day. It can make us feel ill or on top of the world.It can make us want to end it all or give us the strength to cope with all that life throws at us. And the big illusion is that we think we can control it,well for most of us stopping a runaway Elephant might be easier.

OK so the task this week is for any of you out there with time on your hands,send me a comment,let’s start a string of ideas. Anything that add’s to the debate I will paste here. (Abusive or plain unreadable will be dumped.)