Things a man should never say to his partner

Never tell your partner that you find other women you both know,attractive. It is OK if they are a film star or someone on TV that is unobtainable,that’s just fantasy . I mean a neighbor, joint friend or even one of her relations. She will suspect you fancy them more than her. If it is her best friend,she will not ditch them,but she may ditch you.

In the throws of deep passion ,never utter the wrong name. If you do,you may as well put your pants back on and leave now.

Don’t suggest she needs a bit more makeup,she will think that you feel she is ugly. If you are one of the few lucky men who has a partner that is confident about her looks and does not need to plaster herself with products then be thankful.

Never admit that you have from time to time considered moving on when things were bad. She will never be completely confident of you again.

Don’t. talk about ex partners,not even to criticize them,your present girlfriend will wonder what you are saying about her. In fact just forget you ever had any previous relationships.

Don’t ever mention what sex was like with previous partners. It will break the private bond you have shared in the bedroom and open it up to include others and their performances.

Never tell a woman that she talks too much,is boring,timid or any other character trait that annoys you. Believe me you will open a can of worms.

In other words if you are more or less happy with your present relationship.

Be Happy

Be Chivalrous

Be Considerate

Be Helpful

Be Thankful

Think before you say anything