Coping with all that life throws at you,from daily problems,loss,family,apathy, weight loss, Stress, personal health issues or problems at work.

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different people react in different ways to stress they also feel different things when they have stress ,it could be feeling down to being very depressed, headaches, lack of sleep, feelings of guilt, inferiority or just constant anxiety. They can retreat into themselves or become aggressive or suicidal. We tend to think that it is just humans that suffer this ,but in fact so do animals,which proves that it is a natural reaction to events and situations.

A little stress is good,it gets you going for the task in hand and as long as there is some kind of resolution then we should be thankful for it. We have to find a balance and if the stress situation continues and we cant find a solution then it turns into a debilitating situation. It can cause ill health, sexual problems,loss of appetite, diabetes,body pain and many more symptoms.

One person may be able to cope better than another with a set of situations,but when it is bad it can be deemed DISTRESS such as in the loss of a loved one.

Things that can bring on stress include, working too hard or loosing your job, divorce or having to put up with family situations. Having your life turned on it’s head by situations beyond your control and even filling your body with toxins like drugs and alcohol . You may have ill health or have to look after someone permanently that keeps you from having your own life. Another kind of stress is felt by the young people going through puberty, exams or childbirth.

When it becomes unbearable , psychological support may be needed or tranquilizers or antidepressants. Others may find relief in Yoga or mind control methods.

You cannot eliminate stress,but you can control and limit it,learning how to adapt and cope. When you realize that it has gone beyond a limit that you can cope with,then that is the time to seek help.

You need to be aware of your symptoms and what is causing them. Take action before you become too debilitated, seek help and get out from under the cause. Build a physical defense barrier and look at yourself from a different perspective for clues.

Above all be kind to yourself.


At some point in our lives we all suffer from stress, it could be to do with the pressure of work or family problems , lack of confidence or money worries. It does not even have to be a big issue in the scheme of things ,to get on top of you.Even small problems can mount up. Take a look at the information we provide.

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