Question- What type of cancer kills more people every year than cervical cancer and testicular combined together?

Answer- Mouth cancer

On average some1.800 people a year die as a direct result of mouth cancer,with over 6,000 a year being treated for it. These figures are just the United kingdom alone.


So as you may expect,top of the list of suspects comes SMOKING. Doctors point to the carcinogens in smoking being coated on your mouth and throat by your saliva. Be all tend to think of the lungs as being a problem,but the danger starts the moment the smoke enters your mouth. The same applies to those who chew tobacco.


OK so what other pleasure am I meant to forgo. How about Oral Sex,not everyone’s cup of tea,but a pleasure for many. The human papilloma virus that is often transferred during oral sex is fast overtaking smoking as the number one cause.


Damn! OK give me a strong drink then. Sorry if you smoke and and drink heavily you are more than thirty times more liable to get mouth cancer.


Bad diet is also associated with a high proportion of cancers. Try to eat fruit,egg’s ,vegetables and fish.



Red and/or white patches in the mouth,open wide and check regularly.

Unusual changes,for example lumps that appear or swellings that don’t go. Don’t wait till things hurt,they could be painless.

Mouth ulcers that don’t heal after a couple of weeks.

Don’t get paranoid ,just be aware,mostly mouth problems come and go,but take care of your teeth,the biggest killer in the middle ages was gum disease.

If in any doubt go see your doctor or dentist, that is what they are there for.