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Many people suffer from Psoriasis in its many forms, this book will explain in easy to understand terms the complex varieties and how best to treat them. You can download it from Kindle.

Who looks in the mirror each morning and groans and don’t tell me it is just you ladies? I am a sixty three year old man who thinks he doesn’t care about how old he looks,Ha!  Of course I do and so does almost everyone else. The good new’s is that anyone worth knowing as a friend does not care at all what you look like.  Still if we didn’t have body problems real or imagined,there would not be a lot of need for this web site. This brings me around to the fact that despite you lot reading these articles and some even leaving comments,who is brave enough out there to tell us a story or inform us with an article that can be included? Come on ,just leave us a link.

OK back to buisness


Even little problems can make us anxious .My friend was losing his hair fast and it made him feel very depressed.Someone else that I knew had a stammer that made him very embarrassed in strange company. Don’t worry we all have something,I could give you a list of mine. The way forward is to realise that often there is far more that you could do about the situation than you realise and even a small amount of information can help direct if not a cure at least some assistance in coping.

SO WHAT IS YOUR MINOR AILMENT?   Let us start with the feet,then move on to Bad breath,hair loss and then psoriasis

Feet smell bad because of bacteria , It thrives on the sweat we create. The more sweat ,the more bacteria,hundreds of thousands of sweat glands on your feet provide a ready source .

The problem is that sweating is a natural bodily reaction and one that we would not wish to try and prevent. Dog’s cool down by panting and not sweating,I think I would not like to spend the day with my tongue hanging out. Although what we wear often let us breath, we tend to seal the feet in for anything up to twelve hours a day.

Bacteria actually excretes waste after it has fed itself and it is this more than anything that produces the smell that has your neighbour shifting seats. Some people have systems that allow more types of bacteria to survive than others hence the difference between its effect on people.

Our under arms and other places also give off a smell,but it is much reduced because these parts get more air,hence less bacteria and thus less waste.

What can you do ,if you are one of those that dare not expose your feet  in public.

  1. Wear something that breaths, trainers are amongst the worst offenders
  2. Rub lemon into your feet, it acts as a neutralizer and attacks the bacteria.
  3. Eat fresh greens and general healthy foods,steer clear of sticky sugary things, you may even loose weight .
  4. Avoid scented  sprays, they combine and often makes an even worse sickly smell.
  5. Wash your feet at every convenient opportunity.
  6. Take spare socks and change mid day.
  7. Slip them off as often as you can.

Bad Breath, Halitosis

So many people suffer from this without being aware, that is until some brave person mentions it. Apparently our nose filters out the smell. In most cases it is caused by a build up of bacteria in the mouth and on the tongue as a result of food debris, plaque or gum disease from bad dental hygiene.


Lick your hand and wait for it to dry,then smell it.

Use a cotton swob or bit of dental floss,then sniff that

Ask a very close friend.

A whitish tongue is also a sign.

What you eat will cause a smell, thing like onion and garlic also lots of curries are obvious examples. These contain chemicals that cause bad breath. Alcohol and dairy products have similar effects along with the most common cause,SMOKING.

When we wake up with bad breath in the morning it is because our saliva glands have dried up and our natural mouthwash has not been doing its job. This could be caused by various drugs that we may be taking.

Bad breath can also be caused by medical conditions such as bronchitis sinusitis or liver and kidney problems.

It is also an indicator for diabetes.

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There are many reasons why we loose our hair earlier than wished for., we often say it runs in the family or my job is so stressful that I’m loosing my hair. But the real causes are far more likely to be the result of hormonal imbalance such as an under active or overactive thyroid. It could also be an imbalance of female and male hormones. Sometimes treatment can be effective in redressing some of these issues. Sometimes it goes in cycles, after child birth a woman will often loose more hair ,not because the baby keeps crying but because during pregnancy her hormones hung on to it and the body is now going back to normal.

Hair tends to grow at about a centimeter a month and is more or less alive down the majority of it’s length. The part that dies falls off after a month or so. We are lucky that most of our hair is alive,it would not look quite so luxurious even with all the things we apply on it. The average person can loose something like ten thousand hairs a day, I thought it was just my dog hairs that I sweep up?

Medications such as anticoagulants and ones used for blood pressure and heart conditions can also cause early baldness.

Infections and diabetes can also have an effect.

Bad diet,refined white sugar and even aspartame are linked to  loss.

Lack of nutrients

With male pattern baldness,old hair is not replaced at the same rate and so baldness starts to appear.

Baldness occurs when the skin follicles shrink causing thinner shorter and finer hair, finally no hair at all.


Woven hair and toupees or implants are solutions or shave it all off ,but if you want to attempt to salvage some,there are various medications on the market . However the results are hard to estimate.

The best and most permanent method involves taking hair including the plugs from areas of growth and re planting them in the bald parts. This can result in some scarring and takes a long time but seems to be reasonably permanent.

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Psoriasis Information

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We all have something about our bodies that we are not happy with.For some it is something very obvious,I have a curved spine,but I manage to put it behind me ,sorry bad joke.  For others it is often something hidden away or even what others would call insignificant. However if it effects you emotionally then it is not insignificant to you. I had a good friend who never told anyone that he suffered from lipomas on his body.These are small lumps of fat,that under normal conditions are not dangerous. they can be cut out but this tends to stimulate more and there is no known cure for them. he had about twenty over his chest and waist. It was lucky that they could be covered up by clothes. However he never went swimming or appeared on a beach,sunbathed or ever had a girlfriend or got married. he kept his secret and led a lonely existence for forty years. when he did finally open up to someone,his life changed.He met others with similar problems in a support group,found a special friend and learnt to deal with his situation. So if you are suffering quietly with a problem,whatever it is,don’t try and cope with it on your own. Out there are others who will understand and give support.


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